Since its incorporation on 23 August 1986, UNiK Engineering (Pte) Ltd has been a leader in hot dip galvanizing technology in Singapore.

The company has built a solid reputation for its superior engineering works and services in the construction, marine and petrochemical industries over close to 20 years in the highly specialized field of galvanizing.

Boasting cutting edge galvanizing technology and two best-of-class galvanizing kettles, measuring 12.5M (Length) x 1.5M (Width) x 2.5M (Depth) and 7.3M (Length) x 1.5M (Width) x 3.0M (Depth), it is able to handle a wide range of engineering projects, covering standard and customized galvanized structures.

Recently awarded the prestigious International ISO 9001:2000 Class, UNiK Engineering has also built a strong global affiliation with several world-class galvanizing associations.

It will continue to spearhead galvanizing technology in the many years to come.


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